Hey everyone!

I’m Shelby Locke, the girl behind the blog. I am a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee in public relations. I love public relations because it allows me to communicate the passion of an organization to the people. Sometimes people ask me how on earth having a fashion blog will help me become a better professional in my field, and I tell them it shows I am passionate about something. This blog is a representation of my personality and interests outside of the professional world.

I truly enjoy everything about public relations. I have had several internships, and I have found communications professionals are some of the most driven and upbeat people I have ever met! Currently, I am seeking job opportunities in my hometown of Nashville, TN.

A short while ago, I started to think of ways I could write and get noticed in this career field. I thought about writing for some student publications, but then, I realized that none of those platforms allowed me to write what I wanted to write about. Now, here you are reading this page on my very own blog She Locke.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved fashion. Dress up was always my favorite thing to play, and quite frankly, it still is. Fashion, however, isn’t my only love. Having lived in the suburbs of Nashville for 22 years and a temporary resident of Knoxville for four, I have found that I love to explore these areas and find new places to eat, shop and play. Oh, did I mention I love to cook? My interests are really all over the place.

My mission for this blog is to share my experiences with you, and hopefully, share something you will pursue to experience as well. I think I have got a pretty good eye for style, and I would like to use this site to show you. Follow along with me on this adventure, and always feel free to like, comment and share anything!


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